The pottery is made here exclusively by Shion — the entire process of it. These works continue to grow even after the artist is done with it. In 2009, this gallery was opened and it became a place where we could meet people who use her works and have her works grow.
“Have a tea-ceremony using my creations” has been her dream since she started making pottery. There are various works in the gallery such as Iga, Shigaraki, Kuniyaki, Kenzan Utsushi, Rinpa style, Koraimono, Shonzui, and Sometsuke. She would appreciate it if many people would hold in their hands her works which she carefully made with a lot of dedication.



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◆The gallery is closed on irregular basis, so please let us know in advance when you wish to visit.

◆You can also purchase the works at the private gallery.

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*We do not sell works online.